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Speaking to 2,000 people

What is the largest crowd you’ve ever spoken to? The largest audience I’ve ever spoken to in person was around 500 at a Little League opening day. Whenever I speak to a group of any size, I like to pick someone out in the audience and talk to them for a few seconds. Then I go …

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Don’t be desperate

If you want to turn off an audience, the quickest way to do it is through desperation. So why do I see so much desperation in advertisements these days? Here are some examples of emails that I received and promptly deleted. Emphasis is from the original. “This could not get any worse, Matthew…[W]ith less than …

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YouTube channels on writing

Whatever you want to learn, there’s a YouTube video to show you how. Want to make chocolate fudge, drive a Model T Ford, or escape from duct tape (which I might have found useful), there’s a video for that. When it comes to writing, there are a number of YouTube channels that show you what …

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How to overcome nervousness when talking to authority figures

Here’s an answer to a question I received: How do I overcome nervousness when dealing with someone in authority? First, understand that it is natural to feel intimidated when talking to teachers, bosses, parents, coaches, police, and other authority figures. After all, your well-being rests in their hands. Also understand that their well-being rests in …

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