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Learn to laugh at yourself

I haven’t done in a “forty years ago” post for a while, so here’s one: On this date in 1979, we published our April Fool’s edition of our school paper, the Regent Review. We called it the Reject Review, and we had all sorts of fun making silly articles and cartoons. They were all cleared by our …

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Comedy isn’t easy

This post came from a couple of questions. The first was a tweet where someone asked why writers feel that they must always be serious. The second was a question from my wife who asked me, “Why did you find John Belushi so funny?” The answers to both come from the same issue, comedy is hard …

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Is it time to bring back irreverent humor?

Have you ever heard of shuttle jokes? Shortly after the Challenger disaster in January 1986, a bunch of jokes started circulating about it. Here is the least offensive of them: “Why does NASA drink Pepsi? Because they can’t get 7-Up.” Why would people joke about something as horrible as the death of seven astronauts? Or the …

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What Lewis Black can teach you about being funny

Many of you visit my site for tips on adding humor to your speeches. You can learn by watching great comedians. My favorite is Lewis Black. I don’t advise you to use his jokes in your speeches because (a.) most of his material isn’t safe for work, and (b.) you shouldn’t use anyone else’s jokes …

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