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When technology fails us

In two and a half years, the Apple Watch went from something I didn’t feel I needed, to something I bought, to something I discovered that I couldn’t live without. I didn’t realize how much I depended on it until it needed to be repaired. But our dependence on technology isn’t just about fancy gadgets. …

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A year with a MacBook Pro

The true test of a purchase is if you are still happy with it a year after you bought it. My MacBook Pro passes that test. I bought my refurbished early 2011 MacBook Pro last year after using Windows computers for over 20 years. My computer still runs as well as the day I bought …

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What is good technology — You bought which smartphone?

I have enjoyed my MacBook Pro. It’s been an excellent computer and has lived up to my expectations. So when I needed a smartphone, the choice was obvious. I got a Samsung Galaxy S3. But don’t Samsung and Apple get along as well as Democrats and Republicans and work together just as effectively? Here’s why …

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What is good technology? — Part III, or why I got a Mac

When I first started shopping for a replacement to my aging Dell laptop, it was almost a foregone conclusion: I would get another Windows laptop. I have been using Microsoft Windows for 20 years and invested a lot in software and data. However, I was getting tired of buying disposable laptops that last three years …

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What is good technology? — Part II

Some big technology news came out over the past few weeks. First, the gadget-fest known as the Consumer Electronics Show. Second, Apple’s iBook announcements. And finally, the collapse of Congressional support for SOPA after the Internet’s show of force on Wednesday. What do all these tell us about good technology? Good technology is useful technology. …

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