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I don’t believe in them either

I’ve been reading I Don’t Believe in Atheists by Chris Hedges. I wanted to find out if his premise, the current generation of atheists like Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens is no better than the most extreme religious fundamentalists, is correct. So, I listened to They played a show that gushed praise on Thomas Jefferson for his rational thinking and Enlightenment values. This was followed by an interview with a leader of the “National Socialist Workers’ Party of America” on how he wants to “defend our proud Aryan race.” You win, Chris.

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A Web site update

Now that Little League season is wrapping up, and I can come up for air, I’m about to give my Web site a long-overdue makeover.

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Where I lost Kings

I really wanted to like the new NBC series Kings. I’ve always enjoyed alternate history stories and putting modern twists on classic tales. Furthermore, there has been little that is creative and innovative on broadcast TV lately, even before the current economic crunch. For the first hour of the Kings pilot, I enjoyed the show. But one scene completely threw off my interest. Read more »

More than just special

One of the downsides of being a Little League president is that I fall behind on the latest subjects of water cooler chat. I didn’t see President Obama’s interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show until last night. (Thank goodness for DVR.) This is when the president made that infamous crack about the “Special Olympics” and his bowling score.

I’m sure that a Special Olympian could have beaten Obama’s bowling score by a wide margin, and a Special Olympic basketball player wouldn’t be afraid to give him “hard fouls.”

But the faux pas isn’t just a commentary about Special Olympics. It shows some misconceptions we have about the nature of sports and competition. Read more »

When it was all worth it

My speech at Opening Day

My speech at our Little League’s Opening Day. Photo by Rob Steaffens.

To me, the most significant part of last Saturday’s Opening Day came late in the day. I was sitting in the bleachers of one of the fields where a AA game was taking place. The ceremony that I spoke at had long since ended. My son’s game wouldn’t be for another half an hour. I had a moment to sit quietly by myself. Read more »