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My mom’s stroke

I still remember Saturday morning, September 22, 1979. My Grandmother Toba had come to our house in Reseda, and we were all supposed to go somewhere. Mom emerged from the back hallway, but something didn’t seem right about her. She was walking unsteadily. She clung onto the side of the sofa until she could come around and take a seat. When we asked her what was wrong, her words were slurred and incomprehensible. All of realized that we had to get her to the hospital.

This was the beginning of an ordeal that would change all of our lives. Read more »

Why the Jaycee Dugard column was inappropriate

It seems that Orange County has been the focus of the sports world lately. I wish it were because of the Angels or a recent Mater Dei grad who got the starting QB job at USC. No, it’s because Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register wrote a stupid and thoughtless column about all the sporting milestones Jaycee Dugard missed while she was kidnapped. Although plenty of people have pointed out that the column was stupid and thoughtless, no one has talked about why. Read more »

They did…

Congratulations to Park View Little League of Chula Vista for their come-from-behind win in the Little League World Series. This is the West’s second LLWS victory in a row.

Even as Little League as a whole closes the books on the 2009 season, our league started Winterball practices this weekend. Yes, we’ve already begun getting our Majors (as well as Single A, AA, AAA, and Juniors) ready for 2010. Will our league bring home another pennant for Western Region? Well, I hope our kids will have a lot of fun trying!

In the meantime, caps off to Park View! I hope they enjoy their victory, and I wish them continued success in the future.

Can Western Region do it again?

Once again, a Western Region team has a shot at winning the Little League World Series. Last year, Waipio, Hawaii won the championship. Now, Park View Little League of Chula Vista, California can bring it home.

I’ve been very impressed with Park View. They had a thrilling come-from-behind victory over favored Warner Robbins in the semis. In the United States championship, they topped a strong McAllister Park American team. 

Now they face Kuei-Shan in the finals. I’m a bit nervous about us facing a Taiwanese team in the championship. I still have memories of when Northwood Little League of Irvine, California (from our local district) lost to Taiwan in 1987.

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, the fact that Park View made it this far is a tremendous accomplishment. I hope these kids can take at least a few moments before tomorrow’s game to savor their achievement, trade some pins, and have fun.

Good luck, Park View! All of us in Western Region will be rooting for you. 

(And if you live in Park View’s league boundaries, sign up for Winterball. How many kids can say that they play along side the United States Little League Champions!)

Things you don’t know about the Little League World Series

Little League World Series has begun in Williamsport, PA

Today, the Little League World Series began in South Williamsport (no, not Williamsport), Pennsylvania. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to know all about Little League baseball. For example, you’ll learn that 12-year-old pitchers are limited to 85 pitches per game, runners can’t leave their base until a pitch crosses home plate, and every player must have one at bat and play three consecutive outs. There are some things you don’t know about Little League and that you might not hear about on ESPN. Read more »