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A cautionary tale about youth sports

I came across the following story on I’ve never seen any coaches in Little League get this bad, but this should give all of us who are involved in youth sports something to think about. Warning: The following contains strong language. Read more »

Notes from The Opposite Field

The Opposite Field: A Memoir by Jesse KatzA Jewish writer gets roped into leading his son’s troubled youth baseball league. That’s the story of The Opposite Field: A Memoir by Jesse Katz. It has also been my experience for almost a year and a half, so I knew this was a book I had to get.

It must be a thing with us Jewish writers taking charge of our children’s youth baseball teams (especially those of us who didn’t have a good relationship with our father) and then writing memoirs about it. I’ve read a few of those books, but they left me flat. They seemed a bit too tidy, and they wrapped up with some uplifting “life lesson.” In The Opposite Field, Jesse bares himself completely. He writes honestly about his own doubts and failings, as well as the misdeeds and conflicts with others. Read more »

Why be thankful

It’s tough to be thankful nowadays. It seems that everywhere you look, something’s wrong. The economy, unemployment, war, disease, the environment. Political talk radio and TV – both left and right – makes things sound even more miserable. The right is mad at the president because he’s too liberal, and the left is mad at him because he’s not liberal enough. Nobody is happy.

In times like these, it’s especially important to be thankful. Read more »

Reveling in Nerddom

Yesterday, I got to take my mind off of Little League and focus on my true nature. I’m a nerd. Not only that, I’m a professional nerd. I’ve been in the computer industry for over 25 years. So, when I get a chance to play with new technology, it’s like I’m 10 years old again shopping in Victor’s Toys in Reseda.

So, how have I been indulging my geekiness lately? Read more »

A Jewish perspective on winning

It was a day of baseball that was both thrilling and frustrating. My son’s Winterball team played its best game this season, but the other team seemed to do better. So, when I opened my weekly newsletter from, a story about the Jewish perspective on winning caught my attention. Read more »