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My mom’s old ballpark

I recently found a YouTube video of my mom’s favorite old ballpark, Gilmore Field in the Fairfax district. If you’re an old Hollywood Stars fan or buff of old ballparks, this is very exciting to see.



Evaluation: The Vice Presidential Debate

I suspect that some watched tonight’s vice presidential debate for the same reason they watch NASCAR races. They wanted to see someone crash and burn, especially Sarah Palin. Well, Governor Palin didn’t crash and burn. She kept her poise, polish, and graciousness. She performed well, as did Biden. Still, the debate was painful to watch because of irritating things both candidates did.

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Rating the campaign speeches

As both a speaker and an American voter, I was keenly interested in what the presidential and vice presidential candidates had to say at their conventions over the past two weeks.

American political conventions have turned into extended informercials for their political parties. The party candidates have long been selected in the primaries, and the parties work after the front-runner has been decided to present a show of unity. Look how far the Clintons went to show enthusiastic support for former Democratic rival Barack Obama. So, there isn’t any real drama at a political convention. (The revelations about the Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin made things interesting in St. Paul. Still, the Republicans still went out of their way to show unified support for her.)

So, what did I think about the speeches for the candidates? Here is my assessment based solely on the quality of their presentations, not their political viewpoints. Read more »


In the eight weeks since I became a league president, I’ve learned a number of lessons. One is that there’s a difference between “Little League” and baseball. Baseball is a fun sport to play with the kids. “Little League” is stuff you have to deal with so those kids can play baseball.

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All I want for my birthday is…

Birthdays were a big deal when I was growing up. They meant presents and cake, but more importantly, they meant that your birth is worth celebrating. I still enjoy birthdays, but there is something about them that has changed.

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