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The lesson of the myrtle tree

Last fall, we bought a pink crepe myrtle tree to plant in the front yard. When the gardener planted it, the tree was filled with delicate pink flowers. It added lively color to a yard that used to have a plain and hard-to-keep-green lawn. Neighbors complimented us on the new look for our house.

Then winter came, and our myrtle tree lost all of its leaves. Our colorful tree turned into a dead-looking stump with thin bare branches. Read more »

The other side of the closet

Every gay person has his or her coming out story. What is often not told are the experiences of the family members and friends they came out to. This is my story.

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Saddleback and Lake Forest Little League: An Idea

An open letter to the Boards of Saddleback and Lake Forest Little Leagues:

A merger? Probably was inevitable. Calling the merged league Lake Forest Little League? Not my preference, but the decision has already been made. Before you throw away the past too quickly though, here are a few things to consider — along with an idea.

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Why separation of church and state is a good thing

Dear Senator Santorum: On ABC’s “This Week,” you said, “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute” and that President Kennedy’s 1960 campaign speech about this subject made you want to “throw up.” What you may not realize is that the establishment clause is designed to protect you as a Catholic, as well as everyone else.

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How to give an Opening Day speech

I’ve been getting a lot of visits to my site lately from people looking for ideas on giving Opening Day speeches. Many baseball and softball leagues are starting their seasons this weekend. So, here are a few tips from my experience as a Little League president that may help. Read more »