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Words and music

When I sang in the Reseda High School Vocal Ensemble in the late 1970s, I got to perform with some very talented people. Some of them, like Perry Lambert, Jeff Marsh, and Catherine Fries Vaughn, continue to perform and create music professionally. As for me, my singing is limited to showers and whenever I want to mortify the kids.

However, my musical theater experience shapes my writing. Even if the work doesn’t include songs in them, I find that music helps me shape my story and set the mood. Here’s why and how I use music. (Spoilers ahead.)

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This week marks the 20th anniversary of my mom’s death. Since then, I’ve come to realize that she is immortal. I don’t mean immortal in a spiritual or supernatural way. I mean it in a real, tangible way.

She is immortal because of her legacy.

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