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Mastering Table Topics Update

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Damsel in distress: How and why to write about her

Damsel in distress. Can you think of a more clichéd, out-of-date, and cringeworthy plot device than that? Flipping it around to show the man in peril isn’t much better.

However, a damsel in distress, when done right, can be an emotionally stirring storytelling tool. It can also provide a powerful commentary for our times. Here’s why I think the damsel in distress trope is so powerful and how to avoid the problems that come with it. (We’ll keep it clean and leave out the kinky stuff.) Read more »

New short story – “The Ghost of Camp Chawanakee”

I have a different kind of ghost story for the Figment.com Summer Reading Contest. Check out my new short story “The Ghost of Camp Chawanakee.” While you’re there, please give it a heart to vote for it, post a comment or review, and share it with your friends through Twitter and Facebook. Thank you and enjoy!

Table Topics Book Update

I decided to change the title of my upcoming Table Topics book to Mastering Table Topics. This will be more descriptive and avoids confusion with the Table Topics game that is now available. I’ve also created a new draft front cover.

Click the image to view it full size.

What do you think? Please post a comment below or reply to my Twitter feed. Thanks, and look for Mastering Table Topics coming soon!

How to make high school “The Best Years of Your Life”

This week, my son is being promoted from middle school. So, I’d like to share some advice for him and everyone else who is making the leap to high school.

Watch enough TV and movies, and you believe that high school is supposed to be “The Best Years of Your Life.” That’s a lot of pressure, especially since middle school is usually “The Crappiest Years of Your Life.” High school doesn’t involve high energy dance numbers about “being true to your dreams” that inspire you to score the winning touchdown, fall in love with the school nerd who became the head cheerleader thanks to her stereotypically fashionable and/or sassy friend, and achieve your goal of becoming prom king. But you can have a great high school experience, make life-long friends, and lay the foundation for a successful adulthood where the real “best years of your life” take place. Here’s how. Read more »