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A year with a MacBook Pro

My MacBook ProThe true test of a purchase is if you are still happy with it a year after you bought it. My MacBook Pro passes that test.

I bought my refurbished early 2011 MacBook Pro last year after using Windows computers for over 20 years. My computer still runs as well as the day I bought it. Although it has a few scratches and no longer has that new computer smell, it looks as good as the day I took it out of the box.
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Books in your pocket

eBook and printed book

All the reading pleasure in a portable size

We would all love to grab our favorite paperback, settle into our most comfortable chair, and immerse ourselves in a great story. But who has the time? We have errands to do, kids to drive around, and dishes to clean. The only downtime we usually have is when we’re stuck waiting — waiting in a checkout line, waiting for our lunch to be served, or waiting for the kids to finish softball practice. What if we can spend that downtime catching up with the book we’ve been meaning to read?

You can do this with the device you already carry around with you — your smartphone.

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Why I should host the Oscars

Other types of trophies.

Oscars are just trophies. How hard are they to give out?

I am not a movie star, I don’t have a hit TV show, my song-and-dance days ended in high school, and I am not Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. But I believe that I am qualified to host the next Oscars telecast. Let me tell you why and how I would change the Oscars.

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Offline — Now available for Kindle!

Offline for KindleHave a Kindle? Get Offline, a novel called “wonderfully and thoughtfully written.” In a five-star review on Amazon, a reader said:

I cared about the well-drawn characters and was moved by their struggles to cope with corporate managers and edicts sorely lacking in common sense, foresight, or loyalty…This is a story of our times, that will make you laugh in places, and have you turning pages at a brisk pace to find out what happens next…I recommend it as an interesting and thought-provoking read.

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How to argue for the other side

Because there are two sides to every story (from my book, Mastering Table Topics, I have an exercise called Opposing View. Participants are given questions that force them to argue in favor of an opposing point of view. Learning how to argue for the other side enables you to do the following:

  • Identify weaknesses in your argument.
  • Understand your opponent’s objections to your point of view so that you can address them.
  • Show knowledge and respect for the opposing view so that you can earn the respect and attention of your audience.

How do you argue for an opposing view, especially on a subject for which you have strong beliefs? Here are some tips.

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