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Writing a better world

Image from PixabayThese days, we have no shortage of terrible things to write about and ways things can get worse. From threats by North Korea, political turmoil in Europe, a continuing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and raging bedlam in Washington, DC, we appear to be careening towards catastrophe.

At these moments, we as writers need to sit down quietly and ask, “What do we want the world to be?”

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Winning through character

Reseda High School FootballWe love winning. I’m happy the Dodgers are in the hunt for the World Series. I’m glad the Rams are contenders. And I’m especially proud of my alma mater Reseda High School as its Regents football team is having another great season.

As much as we love winning, it’s more important to win through character.

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More writing tips

Our friends at Instructional Solutions offer these 19 writing tips in the following infographic. You’ll find more tips on different types of writing at their site.

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YouTube channels on writing

Whatever you want to learn, there’s a YouTube video to show you how. Want to make chocolate fudge, drive a Model T Ford, or escape from duct tape (which I might have found useful), there’s a video for that. When it comes to writing, there are a number of YouTube channels that show you what to do and avoid. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Can we discuss politics civilly anymore?

The other day, I got a form email from a real estate agent declaring his position on a current issue. The issue and his position aren’t important — or wouldn’t have been in another time. Back then, I could have decided that his position wouldn’t affect whether or not I’d use his services. Back then, I could listen respectfully and agree to disagree.

Is it possible to do that anymore? Is it possible to live in a nation where politics wouldn’t be tinged with hatred and be something real estate agents (and writers) feel compelled to discuss?

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