More questions. More help. Introducing Mastering Table Topics Second Edition.

The cycle of outrage

Hamster wheel (from Wikimedia Commons)Do you feel like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel of never-ending political news? No matter what bad or outrageous thing happens, something comes along to top it. There is no respite and no place to avoid it. It occupies your mind, hijacks your conversations, and shades your relationships.

We are stuck in a cycle of outrage. Let’s look at how it works.

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How (and why) I finally got Freiburg, Germany into a novel

Bridge over the Dreisam River in Freiburg, GermanyIt has been three years since I last went to Freiburg, Germany. Since then, I’ve been trying to find a way to get that southwestern German city into a novel. After some trial and error, I finally did. Freiburg is in Amiga. Here’s how and why (with some minor spoilers ahead).

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Presidents don’t come from God

I didn't know Jesus was this tallI’ve tried to follow my own advice and listen to what Trump supporters have to say. There is no shortage of them on Facebook and Twitter. I have found one issue that needs to be addressed. This issue resides at the core of American government and society. It is an area where we need to come to an agreement before we debate anything else.

Let’s agree that presidents don’t come from God.

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“You gotta play hurt”

How we deal with colds (image from came down with a cold. It’s a disease that isn’t really considered a disease (even though complications from it kill about 4,500 people per year in the US). But our response is to gulp down some medicine and go about our business. That’s what I tried to do the other day. At work, I had some deadlines and meetings. But when my boss saw me, she strongly suggested that I go home and get some rest.

I know it’s bad office etiquette to go to work sick, just like cooking fish in the microwave and not making a new pot of coffee when you finish the last cup. But I was struggling against something that has been programmed into me since when I was a child, “You gotta play hurt.”

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Hamilton: What comes next?

This is the fifth and final installment of a series, Lessons from Musicals.

Why am I bothering to talk about musicals I performed in 40 years ago? Aren’t there more pressing things to deal with in the present? I’ll answer by looking at a musical created by someone who hadn’t even been born yet when I was in high school, Hamilton.

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