More questions. More help. Introducing Mastering Table Topics Second Edition.

STC day 1: Truths (inconvenient and otherwise)

STC’s decision to honor Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth as an example of exceptional technical communication was a controversial one. Debate exists about whether global warming is purely human-produced or if it is a result of solar activity and natural climate change. An Inconvenient Truth and Simon Singh‘s keynote do show a truth about our field: We’re not just technical writers anymore. Read more »

STC day T-1: Did you see me on TV?

Instead of going to the MadCap Software booth to find out about whatever new product they’re announcing at the conference, I went with my brother to watch the Twins beat the snot out of the Tigers, 16–4. Since the Tigers pounded my Angels at the last game I went to at Angel Stadium, this win was especially sweet.

I also appeared on ESPN, which showed the game live on national television. We sat in the upper deck of the Metrodome behind home plate. Around the middle of the game, an ESPN cameraman emerged from the tunnel near our section. We all started waving. I soon myself staring into the lens of a video camera. I suppose I can tick off a few seconds of my 15 minutes of fame. It should also make filling out my expense report at work more interesting. 🙂 Read more »

STC day T-2: A tour of the city

The STC Conference doesn’t officially start until Monday, but I came a couple days early so I can visit my brother who lives in town. Read more »

Opening night jitters

Nervous? Of course! And I won’t even be on stage. Tuesday is opening night for the play I wrote for my daughter’s middle school. Read more »

Just grieve

What is the appropriate response to a tragedy like Virginia Tech? I tried to write a bit of punditry about how something like this could have been prevented, but I then felt uncomfortable about it. Don’t we have enough flapping jaws on cable news and talk radio who are using this tragedy to promote their causes, their lobbies, and their latest book? And, honestly, could something like this really have been stopped? Read more »