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A proud papa moment: Winning a championship

My son’s Little League team won the AA championship today. We played a team that challenged us all season, and we came out on top 10-7. What made this special wasn’t just winning the trophy, even though it was a great thrill. It was watching him grow the way he did over the course of the season.

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In your face! How fear struck out.

It was a moment in youth baseball that all parents dread – watching your child clutching his face after being hit by a pitch. Read more »

Religion and politics

I recently surprised people in my Toastmasters club, as well as myself, by giving a table topic speech about Easter. One of my fellow club members was impressed. He said, “I think it’s great that as a Jewish person, you can give such a positive speech about Easter.” Still, I found it a difficult speech to give. It’s not because I have anything against Easter. In fact, I believe in the importance of respecting other people’s faiths. But ever since an experience at a previous Toastmasters club, I felt uncomfortable about controversial subjects such as religion and politics. Read more »

Paint it Orange: A Literary Orange Review

I had the great fortune of attending Literary Orange on Saturday in Garden Grove. As a writer, it was a wonderful opportunity to be inspired and to learn from others. I also had the opportunity to meet published writers and became interested in genres I hadn’t considered before. Read more »

The dangers of trash talk

Here are two examples of why you shouldn’t trash talk:

  • This past fall, my son’s team played a team from a neighboring league. One of the opposing team’s players said my son’s team was “fat and slow.” When that boy came up to pitch, he walked in five runs.
  • This week, a boy told a friend that my son “sucks at baseball” because he was drafted a division higher than my son. Later that day, the boy’s team lost by ten runs.

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