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In your face! How fear struck out.

It was a moment in youth baseball that all parents dread – watching your child clutching his face after being hit by a pitch. Read more »

Religion and politics

I recently surprised people in my Toastmasters club, as well as myself, by giving a table topic speech about Easter. One of my fellow club members was impressed. He said, “I think it’s great that as a Jewish person, you can give such a positive speech about Easter.” Still, I found it a difficult speech to give. It’s not because I have anything against Easter. In fact, I believe in the importance of respecting other people’s faiths. But ever since an experience at a previous Toastmasters club, I felt uncomfortable about controversial subjects such as religion and politics. Read more »

Paint it Orange: A Literary Orange Review

I had the great fortune of attending Literary Orange on Saturday in Garden Grove. As a writer, it was a wonderful opportunity to be inspired and to learn from others. I also had the opportunity to meet published writers and became interested in genres I hadn’t considered before. Read more »

The dangers of trash talk

Here are two examples of why you shouldn’t trash talk:

  • This past fall, my son’s team played a team from a neighboring league. One of the opposing team’s players said my son’s team was “fat and slow.” When that boy came up to pitch, he walked in five runs.
  • This week, a boy told a friend that my son “sucks at baseball” because he was drafted a division higher than my son. Later that day, the boy’s team lost by ten runs.

Read more »

Public education – attack at your own risk

An example of image versus reality:

  • Image: A TV ad touting California. Shots of California’s natural beauty, celebrities, state landmarks, celebrities, and ending with our celebrity-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger saying that California is a great place for business.
  • Reality: The same governor’s budget cuts billions from education, including $4.8 billion that voters elected to dedicate to education though Proposition 98. School districts across the state are forced to cut millions from their budgets, lay off teachers, cancel educational programs, and even close campuses.

And you would still consider California a great place for business? Read more »