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Script Frenzy Week 3: Script Frenzy, We have a problem

For me, Script Frenzy really has been a frenzy. I’ve spent almost every free moment on my script. And three weeks in, I now have a completed draft. I spent 20 days creating a script for a musical that has been germinating within me for the past 21 years.

The problem is that after I’ve said everything I wanted to say, the script is only 17,699 words long – short of the 20,000-word goal. Read more »

Script Frenzy Week 1: OK, so I cheated

Confession: I started my script for Script Frenzy on May 29 instead of June 1. When I started coming up with ideas for my play, I couldn’t get them to stop. Read more »

STC day 3: Lessons from Minneapolis

The last day of a conference is always tough. You’ve been cramming your brain full of information for the past three days. You’re tired from trying to sleep in a strange bed in a room where light always streams in from the hallway. Now, your greatest priority is catching the shuttle to the airport and hoping you don’t get stuck in traffic.

Still, I attended some valuable sessions this final day. Subjects such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Pattern Language may seem esoteric, but they are valuable to technical communicators. Read more »

STC day 2: RoboHelp is *not* dead

I admit that that two years ago, (a.) I was on the “RoboHelp is dead” bandwagon and (b.) the news gave me a feeling of schadenfraude because RoboHelp had knocked off my favorite HAT, ForeHelp. Read more »

STC day 1: Truths (inconvenient and otherwise)

STC’s decision to honor Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth as an example of exceptional technical communication was a controversial one. Debate exists about whether global warming is purely human-produced or if it is a result of solar activity and natural climate change. An Inconvenient Truth and Simon Singh‘s keynote do show a truth about our field: We’re not just technical writers anymore. Read more »