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The blueberry pie approach to dealing with problems

I’ve been reading Got What It Takes? by Bill Boggs. In this book, he interviewed dozens of successful people about their secrets of success. But it is a story that he told about himself and his family that has made the greatest impact on me. It was about a piece of blueberry pie. Read more »

“His star goes marching on”

In college, I worked at a Carl’s Jr. in Reseda. One night after closing, I put together with my coworkers a humorous song about the company’s founder and then CEO, Carl Karcher. Given Karcher’s patriotic and conservative nature, I based it on “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The song was intended to be at the one hand humorous, but still respectful. We wanted to have fun, but not get fired in the process. Even our supervisors wound up liking it.

Carl Karcher died yesterday. As I look back at that song, the words now seem to provide a fitting tribute. Read more »

“So, what did you think of Barack Obama’s speech?”

I’ve heard plenty of good comments about Barack Obama’s victory speech in Iowa on Thursday night. I thought I would check it out and hear it for myself and give an evaluation. (Keep in mind this is my evaluation of his speaking technique, not his politics.)

If you haven’t heard the speech, you can view it here.

Read more »

Diets don’t work

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, especially of the most popular New Year’s resolution of all: losing weight. Most of us make that resolution out of remorse for all the fattening food and drink we indulged in during the holiday season. Read more »

The value of personal history

A couple things happened this weekend that made me think about the value of personal history. The first was going with my daughter to watch a high school girls’ basketball game. The other was a television movie adaptation of Mitch Albom’s For One More Day. What is the connection between the two? Read more »