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To lead is to serve

A couple weeks ago, I was elected president of my son’s Little League. Unfortunately, this was after our current president resigned during a difficult and divisive situation. I won’t go into the details, but assuming the presidency under these conditions wasn’t something I could find joy in. When someone asked me shortly after my election …

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Happy birthday, Commodore 64!

The Commodore 64 – which was the first computer for millions including myself – is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Check out the stories on CNN.

Fun with peppers

What better way to spend Labor Day in the United States than to torture yourself for your children’s amusement. While having lunch at In N Out, I told my kids how much my mom loved those hot little yellow peppers. So, they challenged me to eat a bunch of them. Hilarity ensued. [qt:/videos/ 320 256]

A proud papa moment

My daughter was promoted from eighth grade today. Not only is this a proud papa moment, it’s an old papa moment: I’m now a parent of a high school student!