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In memorium

Remembering a coworker who passed away on Friday. Bob Taylor, you will be remembered.

A Web site update

Now that Little League season is wrapping up, and I can come up for air, I’m about to give my Web site a long-overdue makeover.

Lessons from a year of Little League

2008 is coming to a close, and so has a wild year for me with being a part of Little League. It had its share of high and low moments, but these always come with lessons. Here are the lessons I’ve learned during the past year.

Going public

How dreary to be somebody, as public as a frog To tell your name the livelong June To an admiring bog. – Emily Dickinson The question came up, “Why do I keep a Web site? Aren’t I concerned about people finding out about me? Wouldn’t people hurt me if they knew about me? Don’t I …

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Proud to be an American

I’ve always considered myself to be a proud American. There were times that I felt especially patriotic: The Bicentennial, the 1984 Olympics, the first Gulf War, and after 9/11. Add today, November 4, 2008 to my list.