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Leave Anne Frank alone!?

My work in progress, The Ghosts of Reseda High, is about contemporary teenagers facing their own mortality. What better way to do that, I thought, than to have them read the ultimate book about a teen facing mortality, Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. As my characters read this book, they face their …

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Does fiction have to stick with the facts?

As President Reagan said, facts are stubborn things. This is especially true when you’re trying to tell a story. When I started my new novel, The Ghosts of Reseda High, I based my story on school starting in mid-September as it has in Los Angeles since probably the beginning of public education. This year, the …

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Getting into character for first-person narratives

When I decided to make The Ghosts of Reseda High a first-person narrative, I had to go back to my experiences at Reseda High School to figure out how to write it. In high school, I performed in several musicals. In a 1978 production of Dames at Sea, I played Hennesey, the harried Broadway producer. …

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Stories that don’t leave you alone

Last week, I wrote about how to start a story. The next question is how to pick a story to write. Just as every story starts a different way, every story comes from a different source. For me, one project was inspired by a Herman Melville work. Another came from trying to process world events. …

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