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Rape: Why are women still blamed?

During beta 2 of The Ghosts of Reseda High, I will post spoiler-free commentary about issues and themes I cover in the book. This is the first of the series. The survey is now closed, but you can still download the beta. Use the form on the download page to send any feedback you have. You …

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Help me retitle my book

As I revise The Ghosts of Reseda High, I’m questioning whether I should keep that as the title of my novel. My book is intended to be a YA novel for ages 13 and up, but books and movies with “high school” in the title tend to appeal to younger teens who are looking forward …

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“I’m sorry, Anne, but I have to let you go.”

We can learn valuable lessons from Anne Frank. One thing I learned is that anything in a manuscript is fair game for editing. I wanted to include quotes from Anne Frank’s diary in The Ghosts of Reseda High, so I sought permission to use them. I wrote to the appropriate foundation, who referred me to …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 24: The Most Important Scenes Are the Hardest to Write

I’ve spent the past few days rewriting a single scene in The Ghosts of Reseda High. It was a difficult scene to write. It was difficult emotionally. It was difficult in how it forced me to reevaluate my characters. But the rewrites took a scene that was sort of a throwaway and made it important. …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 8: Looking at the Beast

There are aspects of my Fun a Day Reseda project that are not fun. As I work on my revisions for The Ghosts of Reseda High, I’m rereading the accounts of Mary Ann Henderson’s murder. I won’t include the specifics in the book (and I’m taking out what references to it that are there), and …

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