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“One simple trick” to writing a great speech or story

As you browse Web sites, you’ve probably come across the “one simple trick” ad that shows you how to lose weight or save on car insurance. (The ad service I use may be displaying one now above this post.) There is a “one simple trick” that will help you write your next speech or story. …

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Toastmasters, what’s with the new logo?

I visited the Toastmasters International Web site the other day, and I found this:

The “Rudeness” continues

“Cell Phone Rudeness” is my most popular speech. It has received more hits than any other speech on my site. It has been published in books and recommended by others. Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed the speech over the years. The speech’s continued popularity shows that cell phone rudeness is still an …

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When someone says “Turn back to God,” run!

At his Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday, Glenn Beck said, “America today begins to turn back to God.” That scares me. It’s because people who say America should “turn back to God” usually don’t like the way I turn to God.

The bad call

Bad calls and unlucky breaks don’t just happen in baseball. They once happened to me in Toastmasters. Whether they happen in baseball or Toastmasters, they offer a lesson, if you’re willing to accept it.