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How to argue for the other side

In my book, Mastering Table Topics, I have an exercise called Opposing View. Participants are given questions that force them to argue in favor of an opposing point of view. Learning how to argue for the other side enables you to do the following: Identify weaknesses in your argument. Understand your opponent’s objections to your …

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Evaluation: President Obama’s second inaugural speech

Anyone can speak better when the pressure is taken off. The same is true for a president. President Obama had high expectations for his first inaugural address. People expected it to be on the par of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s, John F. Kennedy’s, or Ronald Reagan’s, so anything less would have been a disappointment. This time …

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What Martin Luther King can teach you about public speaking

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Day, let’s look at his greatest speech, “I Have a Dream.” After nearly 50 years, it remains undiminished in its power and eloquence. It provides a great model for all speakers to emulate. Here are several things you can learn from it.

Speaking about the unspeakable

What do you say to families who have lost their children in such a horrific way? There is nothing you can say. You can listen. Hold their hand. Let them cry. Care. But when you’re the leader of their country, you have to say something. You not only have to comfort the families of those …

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Table Topics Book Update

I decided to change the title of my upcoming Table Topics book to Mastering Table Topics. This will be more descriptive and avoids confusion with the Table Topics game that is now available. I’ve also created a new draft front cover. Click the image to view it full size. What do you think? Please post …

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