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What Shark Tank can teach you about public speaking

Shark Tank is a popular TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a panel of successful investors (called the Sharks) to encourage them to invest their money in exchange for a share of equity. The entrepreneurs give a brief presentation and must then endure a tough Q & A session with the Sharks as they determine if their business …

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Body language, vocal variety, and The Great Dictator

You’ll find it on YouTube as “The Greatest Speech Ever Made.” Technically, it is the greatest fictional speech ever made. Regardless of how you look at it, Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator is powerful for its message and how it turned the evil rhetoric of the movie’s target, Adolf Hitler, on its head to …

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What Donald Trump can teach you about communication (updated)

Previously, I posted an article about what we can learn about communication from Donald Trump. After he voiced his belief about a long-discredited link between vaccines and autism and refused to confront false statements about the president and racist statements against Muslims — on top of all the other horrible things he said about Hispanics, woman, and …

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Why speakers need eye contact from listeners

As a speaker, you need to give the appropriate amount of eye contact to your listeners. But you also need to get eye contact from your audience. Their eye contact provides valuable information that can help you give your speech.

How to argue for the other side

In my book, Mastering Table Topics, I have an exercise called Opposing View. Participants are given questions that force them to argue in favor of an opposing point of view. Learning how to argue for the other side enables you to do the following: Identify weaknesses in your argument. Understand your opponent’s objections to your …

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