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A proud papa moment: Winning a championship

My son’s Little League team won the AA championship today. We played a team that challenged us all season, and we came out on top 10-7. What made this special wasn’t just winning the trophy, even though it was a great thrill. It was watching him grow the way he did over the course of …

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In your face! How fear struck out.

It was a moment in youth baseball that all parents dread – watching your child clutching his face after being hit by a pitch.

The dangers of trash talk

Here are two examples of why you shouldn’t trash talk: This past fall, my son’s team played a team from a neighboring league. One of the opposing team’s players said my son’s team was “fat and slow.” When that boy came up to pitch, he walked in five runs. This week, a boy told a …

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Proud papa moment

Take some kids, a clear sunny day (after weeks of off-and-on rain), and a baseball. You get spring. dvd films

Competing by cooperating

The news has been filled lately with stories about the dark side of competition. Roger Clemens has testified to Congress about allegations of HGH use, while Barry Bonds has been accused of lying to juries. The NFL has been clouded with the Spygate scandal where the New England Patriots have been accused of taping other …

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