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A cautionary tale about youth sports

I came across the following story on I’ve never seen any coaches in Little League get this bad, but this should give all of us who are involved in youth sports something to think about. Warning: The following contains strong language.

Notes from The Opposite Field

A Jewish writer gets roped into leading his son’s troubled youth baseball league. That’s the story of The Opposite Field: A Memoir by Jesse Katz. It has also been my experience for almost a year and a half, so I knew this was a book I had to get. It must be a thing with …

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A Jewish perspective on winning

It was a day of baseball that was both thrilling and frustrating. My son’s Winterball team played its best game this season, but the other team seemed to do better. So, when I opened my weekly newsletter from, a story about the Jewish perspective on winning caught my attention.

Congratulations, Yankees

The Yankees celebrate their 27th World Series championship. Photo: John Iacono/SI I can’t remember the last time I had ever been right about a prediction, but the Yankees did win the World Series in six games. So, here’s to the Yankees and all of their fans. A tip of the cap to the Phillies as …

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A batty decision (ESPN and the NBA’s favorite sports blog) reports an $850,000 settlement against Louisville Slugger in the accidental death of an 18-year-old baseball player. The pitcher was killed when he couldn’t react to a come-backer in time. A Montana jury found the bat manufacturer liable. It’s terrible to see a young baseball player get killed, but …

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