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The wheel of fortune

It has been a rough few weeks in Little League. And the topper, our Opening Day will get rained out because of a storm that is rolling into our area early tomorrow morning. When confronted with situations like this, I think of the wheel of fortune. Not this one: This one:

The dangers of trash talk — Part III

Last night, I spoke to our league’s coaches about not letting trash talk get to them. I told them to follow my mom’s advice and let such talk “roll off your back like water off a duck.” There is one group who could have used my advice more: the El Toro High School.

Calling All Angels

This year, my son’s Little League team is the Angels. Although I am an Orange County resident, there is a lot more to my relationship with the Angels than it just being the team in our community. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, so the Dodgers became my ball club. The Angels in …

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The dangers of trash talk — Part II

A couple years ago, I blogged about the dangers of trash talk. Too bad the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t read it. Here is what one of them did in Cowboys Stadium before yesterday’s playoff game.

Look what I found at the 99 Cents Only Store!

I’m not sure how happy Dave Winfield would be to see his book Making the Play: How to Get the Best of Baseball Back at the 99 Cents Only Store. It was one of the books I got from the library last summer when I was trying to figure out how to be a Little League president. …

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