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The Little White Ball Revisited

It has been six years since I was president of Saddleback Little League. My tenure there produced an opening day speech I never gave, but people seem to like. It also left me with some lingering doubts as the years passed.

“What about the children?”

Our local Little League district has been in the news a lot lately, but not for happy reasons. At the start of the season, a league was suspended for a rule violation. Recently, another league had its All-Star team disqualified from a tournament, also because of a rule violation. To most people, this is just …

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“Outside the fence, we’re all friends…”

Five years ago this week, I stood at home plate at our Majors baseball field and gave my first opening day speech as president of Saddleback Little League. I told the assembled parents and players: Inside the fence, we play hard to win. Outside the fence, we’re all friends and part of one community. It …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 23: Play Ball, or How to Get People to Listen

I can tell we’re getting close to baseball and softball season when I start getting more visits to my 2010 Saddleback Little League Opening Day speech. There is an art to giving an Opening Day speech. One key is to keep it short. But the real challenge of an Opening Day speech or any speech …

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Saddleback and Lake Forest Little League: An Idea

An open letter to the Boards of Saddleback and Lake Forest Little Leagues: A merger? Probably was inevitable. Calling the merged league Lake Forest Little League? Not my preference, but the decision has already been made. Before you throw away the past too quickly though, here are a few things to consider — along with …

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