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Fifty-five more things I learned in fifty-five years

When I turned 45, I wrote a list of 45 things that I learned at that point in my life. In the ten years that passed, I still agree with most of them, although my opinion has changed for a few. So, for my 55th birthday this month, here is a list of 55 more things …

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Remembering Grandpa Max

My grandfather Max Bloom died 50 years ago today. I was too young to remember him, but my mom told me many stories about him. She adored her dad, and she used him as a model of what a man should be. This is why, for better and worse, he shaped me to be the …

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Does generosity have limits?

Generosity is an important and valuable trait. It’s how we show our love and gratitude, offer kindness to those who need it, and share our gifts to help others. Most major religions extol the virtues of giving and make it a core tenet. We know it is better to give than receive. With all the good things …

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What happened to superheroes?

I grew up with Adam West’s Batman, Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. That’s why I have no desire to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The 1960s and 1970s superheroes have something that their 21st century successors don’t, and today’s superhero stories have a troubling aspect that concerns me.

How to waste time productively

We all need downtime. The human mind and body can’t go at full speed full time. Usually, that downtime is imposed on us. The flight is delayed, the code hasn’t finished compiling, the customer at the front of line is arguing about a coupon, and the friend you are supposed to meet for dinner is stuck in a …

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