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What a Prius can teach you about change

My brother writes about cars in our family. However, I learned a valuable lesson about change from the purchase of a new car — and the reason for buying that car. The hardest part of learning is unlearning what you already know. Change is about letting go of the familiar and embracing something new.

What do you say when you talk to yourself?

I don’t only talk to myself when I’m writing dialogue. I had to work late in the office one night. I thought I was alone, so I talked to myself as I added some new information to a manual. It turns out that I wasn’t alone in the office that night. The next day, I chatted …

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Leaving Line

Not long ago, I had to end a friendship. I’m not going to name names or divulge details except to say that it was something I needed to do. Still, ending any relationship — whether it is professional or personal — is difficult and painful. I usually turn to music to cope with situations like this. The …

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“Do work that satisfies you…”

I always find the most interesting things when I clean the garage. The image above is from a fragment of a June 1990 journal I wrote for my soon-to-be wife Elizabeth. She was frustrated by the job she had at the time and asked for my advice on how to deal with it. I was seven …

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Why I’m not buying an Apple Watch…right now

Update: Find out how I later changed my mind. I consider myself a tech savvy guy, but I’m not an early adopter. The first personal computers came out in 1977, but I didn’t buy my Commodore 64 until 1983 — after the price dropped to USD 299. The Motorola DynaTAC was introduced in 1984, but …

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