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Leaving Line

Not long ago, I had to end a friendship. I’m not going to name names or divulge details except to say that it was something I needed to do. Still, ending any relationship — whether it is professional or personal — is difficult and painful. I usually turn to music to cope with situations like this. The …

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“Do work that satisfies you…”

I always find the most interesting things when I clean the garage. The image above is from a fragment of a June 1990 journal I wrote for my soon-to-be wife Elizabeth. She was frustrated by the job she had at the time and asked for my advice on how to deal with it. I was seven …

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Why I’m not buying an Apple Watch…right now

Update: Find out how I later changed my mind. I consider myself a tech savvy guy, but I’m not an early adopter. The first personal computers came out in 1977, but I didn’t buy my Commodore 64 until 1983 — after the price dropped to USD 299. The Motorola DynaTAC was introduced in 1984, but …

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Spock: The outsider as hero

Tributes have been pouring in for Leonard Nimoy, who died on February 27. Nimoy was more than just Mr. Spock. He was a poet, playwright, photographer, and humanitarian. He was an artist of uncompromising integrity, and he stood up for his fellow actors. However, Spock will always remain Nimoy’s most enduring legacy. In creating this …

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Why “Let It Go” Best Represents 2014

I usually write my year-end parody this time of year, but we already have a song that best fits 2014: “Let It Go” from Frozen. It’s not just because “Let It Go” has been heard everywhere (especially if you have children). When you look at the lyrics and the context of the song, you’ll see why it inspires …

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