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What happened to superheroes?

I grew up with Adam West’s Batman, Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. That’s why I have no desire to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The 1960s and 1970s superheroes have something that their 21st century successors don’t, and today’s superhero stories have a troubling aspect that concerns me.

How to waste time productively

We all need downtime. The human mind and body can’t go at full speed full time. Usually, that downtime is imposed on us. The flight is delayed, the code hasn’t finished compiling, the customer at the front of line is arguing about a coupon, and the friend you are supposed to meet for dinner is stuck in a …

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How to be married for 25 years

My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary. We realize we’ve accomplished something remarkable, because many marriages don’t last as long as ours. Our marriage has even lasted longer than both of our parents’ first marriages. We don’t claim to be relationship experts, and we’ve made our fair share of mistakes. We’ve found a few …

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Be thankful for the bad stuff

An award winner! This essay won in the AuthorsDen Thanksgiving Contest. It’s November. While some argue whether a coffee cup in Christmas colors is sufficiently Christmassy, we may forget that there is an important holiday this month, Thanksgiving. Giving thanks isn’t some wimpy rainbows-and-unicorns sentiment. It sometimes forces us to deal with guilt when we fail …

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How to become important

We all want to feel important. Part of it is a human need to matter and to feel like we’re doing something of value with our lives. Another part of it is our media-driven culture where some believe that if you’re not famous, you don’t exist. That part has led people to do terrible things to gain notoriety. If you …

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