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Give the gift of encouragement

The following is a speech that I gave at my Toastmasters club today. There are plenty of gifts that we can give this holiday season, but one of the most important is the gift of encouragement. When someone is down, when someone has suffered a great loss, or when someone has just lost faith, the …

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Orange Sky

We have been without the sky for four days now. Instead, the air has been orange.

My mother’s estate

When my mother passed away 15 years ago, she didn’t leave much of monetary value. In fact, she left me with the debt on her mobile home, which we wound up selling for scrap. What she did leave me with has tremendous value, and I shall benefit from it the rest of my life. Here …

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Remembering Challenger

If you see the July 7 Pooch Cafe strip online, you will notice a large space in the final panel. The version that was published in my local paper included the following “punch line.”

Blessings when you feel like cursing

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, but last night, I didn’t feel particularly festive. It was one of those evenings when I had a dozen things to do at once. The kids needed their homework checked while I was in an IM chat with one of our engineers in Hanoi trying to solve a …

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