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Was the Adenhart tribute kosher?

Celebrating Angels douse Nick Adenhart’s jersey after winning AL West title (photo courtesy Inappropriate? Ironic? Or a tribute? Before we judge the Angels pouring alcohol on the jersey of someone killed by a drunk driver, there’s one thing to consider: Not all drinking is the same.

My mom’s stroke

I still remember Saturday morning, September 22, 1979. My Grandmother Toba had come to our house in Reseda, and we were all supposed to go somewhere. Mom emerged from the back hallway, but something didn’t seem right about her. She was walking unsteadily. She clung onto the side of the sofa until she could come …

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Why the Jaycee Dugard column was inappropriate

It seems that Orange County has been the focus of the sports world lately. I wish it were because of the Angels or a recent Mater Dei grad who got the starting QB job at USC. No, it’s because Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register wrote a stupid and thoughtless column about all the …

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A “code” of respect?

White Sox’ manager Ozzie Guillen recently threatened to retaliate against teams whose pitchers hit their batters. This seems like a brutal case of bad sportsmanship unless you read The Code: Baseball’s Unwritten Rules and Its Ignore-at-Your-Own-Risk Code of Conduct by Ross Bernstein. Then, baseball’s traditional “eye for an eye” method of policing proper conduct makes sense – …

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Town Hall Disruptions — Just Stop!

One of the things that makes democracy possible is the free and respectful exchange of ideas. This is why I’m appalled by disruptions of town hall meetings. My disgust has nothing to do with my opinion about health care reform, although I don’t see why having a public option for health insurance is “tyranny.” Tyranny …

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