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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 4: Building the Revision List

I went through all of the comments I received in the beta review of The Ghosts of Reseda High and put together a revision list. I use Evernote for checklists like this. It helps me keep track of things I need to do, and I can search my records to make sure I didn’t miss …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 3: Why Creativity Makes Us Happy

The spirit of Fun a Day can be best summarized by this sign that popped up on the corner of Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way. How can you be in a bad mood after seeing a sign like that? You may be driving to work or going to the dentist for a root canal, but …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 2: Beta Results

Today for Fun a Day Reseda, I’m going over the results of The Ghosts of Reseda High beta. Thanks to all of you who participated. I appreciate your helpful and honest comments. The feedback I got on the book was mostly positive. I found this reassuring because it shows I’m on the right track. You …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 1

This month is Fun a Day Reseda. It’s a community event where you pick a creative project (such as painting, poetry, photography, or revising a novel), work on it each day in January, and present your work in a group show, which will be held on February 28 and March 1. Even though I don’t …

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