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Fun a Day Reseda – What is a remainder and why do you call Reseda one?

After I announced my Fun a Day project, a friend of mine asked what I meant by calling Reseda “a community that has felt ‘thrown away’.” I’ll share with you my answer, but I first want to explain what a remainder is, how communities and people can wind up feeling treated like one, and what to …

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Fun a Day Reseda – My 2016 Project

Fun a Day Reseda is back! And I’m back too with a new project. Fun a Day is a community program where people work on a creative project every day during the month. It can be painting, photography, music, writing, crafts, or anything that stirs your creative energies. In February or March, there will be a community …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 31: Closing Thoughts

I had fun with Fun a Day Reseda. I enjoyed developing the discipline to write every day, seeing my ideas get visualized, and inventing memes. The hard parts of creativity were fun too. Even looking at the beast can become an enlightening experience. More importantly, Fun a Day Reseda gave me some important insights about creativity …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 30: Finis Coronat Opus

It’s finals week at my son’s high school. Sure, it doesn’t seem fair that at a time when the semester is winding down, you’re slapped with a huge test worth 20% of your grade. (Just wait until you get to college where finals are worth 65%.) At times like this, consider the motto of my …

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Fun a Day Reseda – Day 29: The Benefits of Discipline

Is it hard to write a blog post every day? Yes. The hard part is sitting down to write. Once I get started, the words flow. It’s the act of getting to my favorite chair and starting that’s hard. Some days are harder than others. I may have a busy day at work followed by …

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