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Doria post on “A Few Words” Blog

Where did the words in my novel Doria come from? Find out in my guest post on Gwen Perkins’ blog, “A Few Words.“

Pinochet, historical fiction, and us

An article on advised authors of alternate history novels to bring their stories up to the present day. Author Terry Bisson advises, “If you don’t bring your alternative history up to the reader’s present, then you leave out half the fun.” I don’t believe this is necessary. The past itself offers relevant lessons for …

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Writing about history

To write about history, you first have to understand how history works. The way history is taught in school, it sounds like it is shaped by important people doing important things on important dates. We learn things like, “In fourteen hundred and ninety two/Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Easy to remember, easy to write down …

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Doria is now available in paperback — and on sale!

My novel Doria is now available in paperback. For a limited time, you can also get it on sale. Order it from Lulu for only $13.99, a savings of 30% off the regular $19.99 list price. If you order by January 31, you’ll get free shipping from Lulu. (Enter code WHOASHIPPING at checkout.) Click here …

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Doria on sale now!

Need something to put on the eReader Santa put under your tree? My new novel Doria is now available for the Nook, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, and Kindle. It will also be available soon in paperback. To learn more about the book, visit my Doria page. To get your copy, click here.