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Uncertain times need art

Every hostile tweet. Every head-scratching cabinet nomination. Every missed intelligence briefing. But every sense that this is the new reality we’re heading towards. We can’t depend on a recount or the Electoral College to change the outcome. There are no do-overs or returns and exchanges with a receipt. We can’t Kübler-Ross out of this one. We …

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2016 Parody: All We Talked About Was Trump

This past year was frustrating, exasperating, heartbreaking, and just plain aching. It was a challenging year for our family and many people I know. However, there is one person (and only one) who had a wonderful year in 2016. You know who it is. He might not think it was so great after January 20. (We sure won’t.) …

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NaNoWriMo 2016: Writing while the world changes

I started writing Offline in the spring of 2001. In my initial draft, I set the story in mid-September 2001. When 9/11 hit, I had a lot to think about. Somewhere near the bottom of that list was Offline. Should I even finish it? Did the story still make sense in this new, uncertain world? I did finish and publish …

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The pendulum swings

Whether the outcome of the election fills you with joy or despair, we feel like we’re moving into uncharted territory. What will a Trump presidency really be like? Will it really make America great again? Or will it become a catastrophe? It’s time for perspective. We’ve been here before. In just the small portion of American history I’ve lived through, we’ve gone …

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Just when we thought this hostile election cycle couldn’t get worse, this happened. A Republican Party campaign headquarters in North Carolina was vandalized and firebombed. I’m a Democrat, and this sickens me. Just as I don’t want to be threatened because of my political beliefs, I don’t want to see others be threatened because of theirs.