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2016 Parody: All We Talked About Was Trump

This past year was frustrating, exasperating, heartbreaking, and just plain aching. It was a challenging year for our family and many people I know. However, there is one person (and only one) who had a wonderful year in 2016. You know who it is. He might not think it was so great after January 20. (We sure won’t.) …

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NaNoWriMo 2016: Writing while the world changes

I started writing Offline in the spring of 2001. In my initial draft, I set the story in mid-September 2001. When 9/11 hit, I had a lot to think about. Somewhere near the bottom of that list was Offline. Should I even finish it? Did the story still make sense in this new, uncertain world? I did finish and publish …

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The pendulum swings

Whether the outcome of the election fills you with joy or despair, we feel like we’re moving into uncharted territory. What will a Trump presidency really be like? Will it really make America great again? Or will it become a catastrophe? It’s time for perspective. We’ve been here before. In just the small portion of American history I’ve lived through, we’ve gone …

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Just when we thought this hostile election cycle couldn’t get worse, this happened. A Republican Party campaign headquarters in North Carolina was vandalized and firebombed. I’m a Democrat, and this sickens me. Just as I don’t want to be threatened because of my political beliefs, I don’t want to see others be threatened because of theirs.

Thank Goodness It’s Over Day

This has been the nastiest, most divisive election since they settled arguments with dueling pistols. We also have local elections as nasty as the presidential one. The good news is that it’s almost over. On November 8, we’ll have our say and, if Florida doesn’t screw up again, a new president. That’s why I’d like to …

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