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2017 Parody: I Want a Case of Jameson for Christmas

I wasn’t sure about doing a year-end parody because this year has gone beyond parody. But if there is ever a year when we need a laugh (and, if you’re so inclined, a good stiff drink), it’s this one. My parody is inspired by the suitably creepy “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” (And after …

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Spare us your “thoughts and prayers”

The phrase “thoughts and prayers” should be permanently struck from our vocabulary. Any sincere sympathy it once had has been soiled by cynical politicians and others who have no intention to help. “Thoughts and prayers” is less than the least thing anyone can do. A thought? What kind of thought? “Thank God it wasn’t me!” …

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Beware of foreign influences?

I found the following cartoon on Twitter. It took me a few minutes on Google Translate (most of which was spent navigating the Russian keyboard) to get the translation. It loosely translates to “Don’t feel bad we don’t celebrate Halloween in Russia!” (Then how do you know when to release horror movies? Or give out …

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Can we discuss politics civilly anymore?

The other day, I got a form email from a real estate agent declaring his position on a current issue. The issue and his position aren’t important — or wouldn’t have been in another time. Back then, I could have decided that his position wouldn’t affect whether or not I’d use his services. Back then, …

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You weren’t welcomed either

When looking at immigration in general and DACA in particular, there are two things to remember: You are a descendant of immigrants. You weren’t welcomed either.