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Can we discuss politics civilly anymore?

The other day, I got a form email from a real estate agent declaring his position on a current issue. The issue and his position aren’t important — or wouldn’t have been in another time. Back then, I could have decided that his position wouldn’t affect whether or not I’d use his services. Back then, …

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You weren’t welcomed either

When looking at immigration in general and DACA in particular, there are two things to remember: You are a descendant of immigrants. You weren’t welcomed either.

Still dissenting and protesting

OK, here’s another “forty years ago” post, but one with present-day relevance. It shows one of the most important lessons a teacher taught me.

Presidents don’t come from God

I’ve tried to follow my own advice and listen to what Trump supporters have to say. There is no shortage of them on Facebook and Twitter. I have found one issue that needs to be addressed. This issue resides at the core of American government and society. It is an area where we need to come to an agreement …

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Tell me your heroes, and you tell me who you are

Let’s take a break from talking about musicals I performed in the 1970s and talk about a president from the 1830s. What caught my attention about President Trump’s recent interview isn’t his comments about what President Andrew Jackson could have done about the Civil War. (We already know, which I’ll cover in a moment.) It’s that …

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