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Wisecracks that played Carnegie Hall

My granddaughter found this old book of epigrams that I bought in junior high school. I got it at a time when I started seeing myself as smart. Being able to pull quotes from smart people made me feel smarter. I loved epigrams because they are, as Oscar Levant put it, wisecracks that played at …

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Some good news

Would you like some good news? Here are a few announcements. First, I will be speaking at Muzeo in Anaheim, California on Thursday, May 24, 2018. I will be speaking about Mastering Table Topics as part of their free Open Book Author series. I will show you how to organize your thoughts quickly and come up with …

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Writing a better world

These days, we have no shortage of terrible things to write about and ways things can get worse. From threats by North Korea, political turmoil in Europe, a continuing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and raging bedlam in Washington, DC, we appear to be careening towards catastrophe. At these moments, we as writers need to …

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More writing tips

Our friends at Instructional Solutions offer these 19 writing tips in the following infographic. You’ll find more tips on different types of writing at their site.

YouTube channels on writing

Whatever you want to learn, there’s a YouTube video to show you how. Want to make chocolate fudge, drive a Model T Ford, or escape from duct tape (which I might have found useful), there’s a video for that. When it comes to writing, there are a number of YouTube channels that show you what …

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