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Quirks and strange habits of famous writers

Which writer kept rotten apples in his desk drawer? Or cured writer’s block by hanging upside down? Our friends at Custom Writing Service have another fascinating infographic for you. 

Black Panther: Character development matters

I had the opportunity to see an advance screening of Marvel’s Black Panther in 3-D IMAX. It has everything you would expect from a superhero movie: thrilling action set pieces, brilliant CGI-driven special effects, and a Stan Lee cameo. But what really got me into the story were characters I could care about. This is lacking in most superhero movies. …

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There’s no such thing as an aspiring writer

If you say you’re an aspiring writer, stop. There’s no such thing as an aspiring writer. If you write, you’re a writer. Aspiring writer makes as little sense as slightly pregnant. You are or you aren’t. But you may be saying, “How can I consider myself a writer if I haven’t published anything?” Or, “I’m …

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Basing the villain on yourself

What makes for a good villain? Their motivations? Their reactions to their misdeeds? The possibility for redemption? And where can you find inspiration to create such a good villain in your stories? There is one place we overlook because we don’t feel comfortable looking there. But suppose you base the villain on yourself?

Commerce or art?

As I prepare Amiga to publish independently, I’ve been watching videos and reading articles to learn the best way to make a book marketable. At the same time, I’m crafting Amiga into a work I can be proud of. It’s my expression of the history of the computer industry and how I see the world today. …

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