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How To Write How Tos

Adding “how to” to a title attracts people to blogs, articles, and books. People usually search the Web for solutions to problems or ways to do things better. So, how do you write a “how to”? Here are some simple steps from my experience writing “how tos” as a technical writer.

What Lewis Black can teach you about being funny

Many of you visit my site for tips on adding humor to your speeches. You can learn by watching great comedians. My favorite is Lewis Black. I don’t advise you to use his jokes in your speeches because (a.) most of his material isn’t safe for work, and (b.) you shouldn’t use anyone else’s jokes …

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How to exit gracefully

This post was inspired by the less-than-graceful departure of a colleague at work. Although this person had reasons for leaving that way, it’s better in the long run to exit gracefully. By doing so, you can preserve your reputation and maintain relationships you may need later. Even if you have no desire to work with …

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Should you become a leader?

This time of year, Toastmaster districts are looking to recruit area governors for the new term starting July 1. So, I’ve been receiving a lot of visits to my article “Why You Should Be an Area Governor.” I’ve learned a lot about leadership in the 14 years since then, including lessons from a 2-year term …

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How to ask the right question

To get the right answer, you need to ask the right question. Learning to ask the right question is a crucial skill for interviews, research, and problem solving. It can guide you to the truth, discover things you never expected, and even help you learn more about yourself. How do you ask the right question? …

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