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What diamonds can teach you about communication

Thinking about getting a diamond for your loved one this holiday season? (Perhaps one you deliver on one knee while asking a rather important question?) If you shop for diamonds, you should know about the four c’s: carat, cut, color, and clarity. These four attributes help you determine the quality of a diamond. These attributes …

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How not to be an “Ugly American”

At my work, a writer from India will be here for training during the next two weeks. So, my coworkers and I will be entertaining her and being good hosts. As Americans, we like to think of the United States as The Greatest Country on Earth. Part of being great is being polite. So, I’d …

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Evaluation: Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Now, it’s President Obama’s turn. As with Governor Romney’s acceptance speech, I’m not going to talk about the political issues or do any fact-checking. I’m just looking at how effectively President Obama gave his speech. The challenge incumbents face in a reelection is that they start off on defense. They must convince voters to keep …

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How to apologize

I just finished reading an excellent book, Good Self, Bad Self by Judy Smith. She is a crisis management expert who is the basis of Kerry Washington’s character in the ABC series Scandal. She shows how personality traits like ego, ambition, and accommodation can lead people to success, but also cause tremendous downfalls. She not …

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Evaluation: Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech

The keys to an inspirational speech are to understand the audience’s moods and needs and address them. In that respect, Mitt Romney did a great job in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. In my evaluation, I’m not going to talk about the political issues or do any fact-checking. There is no shortage …

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