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The JOBS movie and other problems with biographies

Poor Steve Jobs (both the late Apple visionary and the character played by Ashton Kutcher). The JOBS movie has already taken plenty of hits in the press before it even came out. I suspect that many of the opinions depend on whether the person loves or hates Apple, Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, or any combination …

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How not to be an “Ugly American”…when abroad

I’m about to take my first international trip. So, I can no longer say that I’m one of the majority of Americans who don’t have a passport. The need not to be an “Ugly American” is even more important when you’re a guest in another country. As Americans, we want to make a good impression …

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The gift of feedback

Feedback is valuable and, when presented properly, inspirational. Feedback can help us build upon the things we already do well and give us direction on how to do better. How do we give feedback that helps someone, and how do we use the feedback we get?

Accidentally offensive

OK, Brad Paisley. You don’t want people to judge you because of your region’s history or how you look. A noble sentiment. So, why doesn’t “Accidental Racist” work? (I’m looking at the song solely as a form of communication and setting the historical and cultural issues of the song aside — for now.)

Why I should host the Oscars

I am not a movie star, I don’t have a hit TV show, my song-and-dance days ended in high school, and I am not Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. But I believe that I am qualified to host the next Oscars telecast. Let me tell you why and how I would change the Oscars.

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