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Fail to the Redskins

It’s seems that everyone from Bob Costas to President Obama has weighed in on the Washington Redskins naming controversy. Still, there are those who wonder, “What’s the big deal? Is this just political correctness run amok?” There are also those who feel the truly offensive part of the team name is “Washington.” I’m going to …

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How to avoid bad business communication

Here’s an answer to another question I received: What are some examples of bad business communication? I assume that the person wants to avoid that type of communication, not emulate it. Good business communication is clear, accurate, and timely. It provides recipients with the information they need to do their work. When communication fails to …

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How to overcome nervousness when talking to authority figures

Here’s an answer to a question I received: How do I overcome nervousness when dealing with someone in authority? First, understand that it is natural to feel intimidated when talking to teachers, bosses, parents, coaches, police, and other authority figures. After all, your well-being rests in their hands. Also understand that their well-being rests in …

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Words that make us buy

I was shopping for clothes, and I came across these pairs of pants. They were available in two sizes: “Slim” and “Modern.” “Slim” seemed obvious: They are for people who ate right and worked out. In other words, they weren’t for me. Then, what is “Modern” supposed to mean? If “Slim” is for slim people, …

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The JOBS movie and other problems with biographies

Poor Steve Jobs (both the late Apple visionary and the character played by Ashton Kutcher). The JOBS movie has already taken plenty of hits in the press before it even came out. I suspect that many of the opinions depend on whether the person loves or hates Apple, Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, or any combination …

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