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“So, what did you think of Barack Obama’s speech?”

I’ve heard plenty of good comments about Barack Obama’s victory speech in Iowa on Thursday night. I thought I would check it out and hear it for myself and give an evaluation. (Keep in mind this is my evaluation of his speaking technique, not his politics.) If you haven’t heard the speech, you can view …

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Crossing the language barrier

At my job, I spent a lot of time communicating with our development team in Vietnam. I’ve learned several things about international communications: Communicate face-to-face whenever possible. We had a group of engineers from Vietnam visit our office in the United States for several weeks. We got to know each other as people, learn about …

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The N word and emotional control

Was Michael Richards a racist for the things he said on stage? I watched the video of his meltdown at the Laugh Factory. (It took a few seconds with Google to find it.) I suspect that if the hecklers were Latino, gay, Jewish, or Kuwaiti, he would have used whatever racial epithet was handy. What …

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