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The trouble with journalism today

My daughter is studying journalism in high school this year. I was pleasantly surprised that they still teach the basics of quality journalism: the inverted pyramid, the “five w’s and h,” and objectivity. I say surprised because I hardly see this type of journalism anymore. When I wrote for my high school paper in the …

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Imam Rauf and what’s wrong with America today

I could only bear to watch a few minutes of a debate on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 about the proposed construction of Cordoba House in New York City. It was enough to show me what is wrong with America today. The problem is that we talk at each other. We don’t listen.

John Wooden’s lessons for today’s coaches and players

When I was a UCLA student, I looked up to John Wooden. When I became an adult and a parent, I came to appreciate him even more. I liked his approach to coaching and mentoring, and I admired how he used sports to build character. As he said, “What you are as a person is …

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Selling damaged goods

Suppose you ran a company, and you found that there was a problem with one of your major products. What’s the first thing you do? You do what any person would do when you make a serious mistake, apologize.  You may run a full-page ad in the newspaper as Toyota did when the acceleration problems became …

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The dangers of trash talk — Part III

Last night, I spoke to our league’s coaches about not letting trash talk get to them. I told them to follow my mom’s advice and let such talk “roll off your back like water off a duck.” There is one group who could have used my advice more: the El Toro High School.

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