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Your opinion, please

In an earlier post, I said I was restarting my Doria series. I’d like your feedback on an idea I have for the new book. It is set in the present day. Doria has not only recovered from its revolution and transition to democracy, it has become a budding global superpower. Its president is Carla …

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Have you thanked a “grammar Nazi” today?

You’re in the middle of a heated discussion on social media. You blurt out, “Your stupid for believing that!” He replies, “*You’re*” You reply, “Well, *you’re* a grammar Nazi!” I hate the term “grammar Nazi.” It minimizes the crimes committed by actual Nazis, and it’s not cruel and unreasonable to expect people to use language …

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So, you want to write a political novel…

Everyone is concerned about politics these days, so you might be thinking about writing a political novel. After all, 1984 topped bestsellers lists this year, and The Handmaid’s Tale was made into a hit series on Hulu. If you want to write a political novel, be careful. Agitprop makes for some horrible fiction.

An interview with Joannes Rhino

I was interviewed by Joannes Rhino about writer’s block, fiction, being a cubicle author, and more. Check it out here.

Why you should post reviews

I admit that this post is self-serving. I want to encourage readers of my novel Amiga to post reviews of it on the Inkitt site. Inkitt uses reviews as part of their algorithm to select books to publish. If you’ve read Amiga and haven’t posted a review on Inkitt, please do so. And if you still need reasons to …

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