Amiga is my forthcoming novel that takes you from the early days of the personal computer industry in the 1980s to a critical time in our recent history.

What’s new?

I was interviewed by Doug of 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast. Watch his interview and review of Amiga below.


Read the press release from Black Rose Writing.

What is Amiga about?

In 1985, a young Laura Rodriguez goes to Silicon Valley to start a career as a computer programmer. She finds a job in San Rafael at a quirky startup run by a family with secrets.

In 2016, a now middle-aged Laura faces growing professional and family crises and the most divisive presidential election in recent history. She fears losing her job in the wake of a merger, and she distrusts her new millennial boss. Her daughter has cancer, her son quit a lucrative programming job and moved back home, and her marriage is crumbling—especially when an old flame reenters her life.

Laura must seek solutions from a past she wants to forget. She may find them in the computer that changed her life, the Amiga.

Where do I buy Amiga?

You can preorder the Amiga paperback now at the Black Rose Writing website. Use this link and the promo code PREORDER2019 to receive a 15% discount.

If you’re interested in the eBook version, information will be available soon.

Amiga will released on November 27, 2019. It will be available for purchase on the Black Rose Writing website and your favorite bookstore.

What is the Commodore Amiga?

The Amiga is a computer that was marketed by Commodore from 1985 to the close of the company in 1994. It was the most advanced of its generation of computers, and it had features that wouldn’t be matched by Windows and Mac computers until years later. The Amiga had preemptive multitasking that enabled it to run several programs at once. It featured the most advanced graphics and largest color palette of its time when many computers were still monochrome. Its advances in desktop video enabled the Amiga to be used to produce animation for TV shows and music videos. Although Commodore is gone, interest in the Amiga remains high. You can buy Amiga emulators and new Amiga hardware and software. Vintage Amiga computers are available on auction sites.

How do I learn more about the book and the computer?

My website has articles about the Amiga and my publishing journey.

You can learn more about the Amiga computer from these sources:

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When will you be appearing next?

Look for more book signings, events, and interviews coming soon.